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Ms. Manjusree Mitra


Ms. Manjusree Mitra is the Senior Program Manager Education from February 2010 till to date, Ms. Manjusree is responsible for three individual projects those are implementing by 5 Partner NGOs in North-West parts of Bangladesh. NETZ education programme consists of non-formal primary schools and Anandalok Community Schools, Government Primary school improvement programme, Library programme, Pre Primary and Early Literacy, Lead and develop project proposal for raising fund, ensure funds for the partner organizations and implement new projects with partner NGOs. Monitor programs and Conduct evaluation of projects of partner NGO and conduct national advocacy initiatives, quality assessment of education programs. Ms. Manjusree is playing a vital role as member of Senior Management Team SMT, President of Country Procurement Committee, and Chairman of Staff Development Initiatives of Country Office.

Ms. Manjusree was awarded Exchange Exceptional Master Leader of ECD in 2015.  She has also been Executive Board Member of Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) since 2017. The role is to support Early Years Education in country, region and to support globally. Another role is to work as mentor of new education global leaders anywhere in the world through e-communication network.