Building Partnerships to Promote Early Childhood Development

Bangladesh ECD Network organized four regional seminars across the country in 2008. The idea was initially proposed by the secretariat at the Executive Committee meeting on 14 February, 2008. The committee approved the idea and it was decided that the four regional seminars would be held in four quarters of the year 2008.


The purpose of the regional seminars was to bring the network members in small groups to make the discussion more interactive and sharing. The most important purpose was to collect opinions in the interaction and make them work in groups for finding out the following vital issues:

  • BEN expansion strategy
  • Formation and function of executive committee and roles of network members
  • Need analysis & future direction of BEN

BEN secretariat organized four consecutive seminars targeting the above mentioned topics. The same topics were practiced in the four seminars.

First Seminar in Comilla:

First ECD regional seminar was held on 25 March, 2008 at Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) in Comilla. The region covered the network organizations from Chittagong and Sylhet divisions and a part of Dhaka division. Thirty eight organizations from this region were invited in the Seminar. Two power point presentations, emphasizing the Importance of ECD and the activities of Bangladesh ECD Network, were conducted in the seminar. The group work session was conducted on the fixed topics. The participants from different organizations interacted in the groups and expressed their opinion on the three topics. They put down their views and thinking on poster papers which were presented by one representative from each group. The poster paper presentations were also very much interactive for members from other groups as they were asking relevant questions. A display of ECD related publications and materials were arranged in the seminar room. The display was open for all the participant organizations. However, Early Childhood Development resource Centre (ECDRC) of IED, BRAC University and FIVDB displayed their publications and materials.

Second Seminar in Jessore:

The second Regional Seminar in Jessore was organized on 17 June, 2008 at Hotel Hasan International. The region covered the network organizations of Khulna and Barisal divisions and a part of Dhaka division. There were forty three network organizations in this region. Jessore Shishu Academy worked with ECDRC, IED, BRAC University in organizing the seminar. Though the weather was unpredictably rough, the presence of the participants was significant. This time some local personals were also invited and few of them attended the seminar. The presentations were the same as the previous seminar. However, the presentations were translated into Bangla this seminar. The topics of the group work were the same but the participants put their own view on the three different topics. There was an arrangement of ECD material display as usual. ECDRC and SUCCEED Program of Save the Children USA displayed their ECD related books and materials. The organizers invited some local journalists to advocate for ECD through print media. Though the journalists were well entertained and provided with enough information, unfortunately response from their part could not be seen in the newspapers of the following day.

Third Seminar in Dhaka:

Inviting fifty eight organizations from Dhaka division, the third one was organized at Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Dhaka on 11 August, 2008. The format of the seminar was same as the previous ones and the presentations as well as the group work activities were the same. ECDRC, BRAC, Nayantara Communication and Care Bangladesh displayed their innovative and germane educational materials of early childhood programs and related publications in the seminar. Journalists from national dailies were also invited in the seminar. From the previous learning, they were invited in more organized way involving a coordinator. They showed their interest in the activities of Bangladesh ECD Network. They were provided with a press release. They took photos of the seminar, some of which were printed on the national dailies.

Fourth Seminar in Bogra:

The fourth and final regional seminar was organized at BRAC TARC in Bogra on 27 October 2008. Fifty three organizations of Rajshahi division were invited there. The weather being very rough, many participants could not join the seminar. However, the seminar got very much interactive when the participants took part in the group works. The representatives from local and national dailies who were invited expressed their interest in the ECD activities and the network. On the following day, the news with photos of the seminar was published in the local dailies in Bogra.