Building Partnerships to Promote Early Childhood Development
Home Goal & Objectives


Age appropriate holistic development of all children under 8 years in Bangladesh.


Ensure wellbeing and optimal and holistic development of young children in Bangladesh through advocacy, capacity building, networking and collaboration.


To support and encourage organizations, agencies and institutions to generate commitment to and investment in children’s optimal and holistic development in Bangladesh.


  • Advocate for Policy Change: Support national actors and partners to advocate and formulate national ECD policies, frameworks and program implementation strategies.
  • Develop ECD Guidelines and Tools: Develop standard and generic guidelines for developing ECD tools, materials and programs.
  • Share Information and Resources: Create and provide a platform for ECD professionals and partners to share information and to facilitate accessibility to knowledge resources.  
  • Create Awareness: Promote importance of ECD and create awareness at practice level.     
  • Build Partnerships: Build national and international partnerships and collaborate to create a supportive environment to leverage resources for ECD and BEN’s capacity to fulfill its objective.
  • Generate Knowledge: Generate and facilitate empirical research and creation of knowledge on ECD for national and global context to address priority concerns.
  • Develop Capacity: Create and offer opportunities for professional development and learning related to ECD programming.
  • Documentation of history and process of ECD development in Bangladesh: Facilitate learning from experience and guiding subsequent strategies and plan.