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Who are BEN members?

BEN being a forum of organizations working for Early Childhood Development in Bangladesh has a variety of organizations including Government agencies, research institutes, national and international organizations, local NGOs and UN agencies who are engaged in promoting ECD. Responsibilities of Members

  • Attend and participate in network meetings in various forums/events organized by BEN central level Executive Committee and Regional Level Hubs.
  • Represent BEN at local level and build close relation with other ECD partners.
  • Advocate for the network and seek to enroll potential new members.
  • Participate in Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) called by the Executive Committee.
  • Implement program/activity set by the BEN central level Executive Committee and Regional Level Committees prepared as per decision of AGM or EGM.
  • Maintain liaison with the network secretariat and act as an active ECD partner in promoting BEN objectives.
  • Provide support for organization of local level advocacy, communication and promotional activities by BEN.
  • Provide information and share resource materials as and when needed.
  • Support the sustainability of BEN either through funding or providing voluntary assistance.
Benefits of Membership
  • Access to the interactive Bangladesh ECD website (, where substantial issues can be discussed, up-to-the-minute information can be shared, expertise can be identified and members can find out about ECD activities of member organizations.
  • Complimentary copy of ECD Newsletter, BEN directory, other publications and other promotional materials developed by the network.
  • Access to short courses (free or with partial cost sharing) on ECD/ECE by professional institutions.
  • Access to training and orientation to be organized by the network or in collaboration with other organizations/institutions.
  • Invitation to participate in regional and national meetings, seminars, technical meetings and workshops.
  • Access to the pooled expertise of the ECD field in Bangladesh through technical assistance, responses to particular requests for information, formal and informal discussions, and written updates.
  • Information and advice about financial resources for implementation of ECD program.
  • Access to technical resources and materials produced by network at subsided rate or at cost price.
Who can apply for membership?

Any organization, institution, agency, sectoral department, network, forum, corporate body and individual contributing to promoting holistic development of young children from conception to transition into primary education will be eligible to apply for membership of Bangladesh ECD Network.

An applicant will have to fulfill one or more of the following specific criteria related to holistic development including cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social development of young children in Bangladesh:

  • Provides or plans to provide ECD services.
  • Engages in advocacy.
  • Provides training.
  • Develops learning and training materials.
  • Provides or mobilizes fund.
  • Conducts research and studies.
  • Conducts and/or has potential for mass awareness campaign and other communication activities.
  • Contributes to formulating national policy, standards, plans and programs and in systems development in relation to ECD.
Categories of Membership

General Member: Organization, agency, sectoral department and academic institution involved in ECD policy development, planning, program development, service delivery and research.

Individual Member: Individuals having a high level of professional expertise in the field of ECD and/or contributing significantly to promoting ECD in Bangladesh may be invited by the executive Committee to become individual members of the Network.

Associate Member: Organizations, agencies, networks, forums, associations, professional groups, enterprises and individuals, who are working in specialized areas (such as nutrition, health care, child protection etc.) and can play a supportive role for promoting ECD.

Observer Member: International development agencies interested in ECD can apply for observer membership.

Membership Process
  • Interested organizations/individuals who desire to become member of BEN and meet the criteria set by the network can apply in the prescribed form available in the Network Secretariat, Regional Secretariats and BEN website. An application (letter of interest) and organizational profile have to be submitted along with the prescribed format.
  • Regional Committees will provide inputs to Executive Committee, as necessary, regarding applicants.
  • The executive committee will review all membership applications and take decision regarding all membership and the fulfillment of eligibility for different categories of membership.
  • The selected members will be notified through e-mail or mail about membership decision.
  • Political, religious, cultural or ethnic identity, values or beliefs are not considered in offering or denying membership.
  • Inability to continue work on ECD for a long period of time will lead to discontinuation of membership at the Executive Committee's discretion.
Membership Form